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I do solemnly swear on my hat that I will do my best to uphold the spirit of the Red Hat Society. I greet middle age with verve, humor and elan I will take my silliness seriously as it is the comic relief of life. In the Spirit of Friendship and Sisterhood, I join my Red Hat and Pink Hat Sisters as we Go for the Gusto Together! Beneath our frivolity we share a bond of Affection, Common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for life and living. I promise to regularly practice having fun. I promise to do those things I have waited to do while I paid my dues. I promise to learn to spit and sit on the pavement. I promise to NEVER wear nylons with open-toed shoes. I promise to dispel the notion that a Woman My Age is OLD. This I pledge in the spirit of The Red Hat Society as envisioned by the Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper and with a Ruby Rascals Hattitude. RED HAT VOWS Read the solemn vows of the Red Hat Society, Chapter of the Ruby Rascals. After each question, answer with a robust “yes” ….or “no”. Ladies, do you each wish to join in the fun of The Red Hat Society, Chapter of the Ruby Rascals? (Pause for each answer) Do you agree to deal with growing more mature with humor, and to take you silliness seriously? (Pause for answer) Do agree that you will join, in the spirit of friendship and sisterhood, with your red and pink hatted sister as we boogie forth together, bonded affectionately by a common “been there, done that” and with real enthusiasm for whatever comes next? Do you promise to regularly practice having fun now so you know how to when you are old? Will you learn to spit; will you sit on the sidewalk? Do you promise to welcome with a "Red hattitude" our visitors and guests. Do you promise to be a proper and fun guest when visiting other Red Hat chapters? Will you openly and knowingly fraternize with other Red Hatters? Will you endeavor to learn to play a trumpet fanfare on a kazoo to help welcome visiting Red Hat Queens in a proper manner, or at least learn "HappyBirthday" ? And the 3 bonus questions are: Do you pledge to never, ever wear knee-high nylons rolled down below your skirt? Do you pledge to sew, never glue, the adornments on your hats? Do you pledge to never talk about your grandchildren or pets at our meetings? (By pre-arrangement you should have someone yell out "NO". Turn to your audience looking helpless or surprised, change to looking resigned or amused, shrug your shoulders, turn back to the vow takers and continue.) Oh well.......we'll continue anyway. Ladies, once again, please place your right hand on your hat and repeat after me. I do light-heartedly swear on my hat that I will do my best to uphold the spirit of The Red Hat Society. This I pledge to honor the spirit of The Red Hat Society and with a Ruby Rascal red hattitude. Seal these vows with a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttttt ON YOUR KAZOO